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Leaf Corner Brazier Flame Lamp

Brand New Item – Corner Brazier Flame Lamps

Brand New Stock! Finally, just in time for Christmas, our brand new range of Flame Lamps has arrived and we are impressed with what we see. These lamps are a different take on the Fireplace Flame Lamps, with a similarly flat front, but these guys have a couple of little tricks up their sleeves. If […]

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Silk Flame Lamp - Butterfly Brazier

Brazier Flame Lamps

If you love lighting and are drawn in by the mesmerising, ever-changing, flickering of fire, then we may just have something quite special for you. Our Brazier Flame Lamps are a great approach to harnessing the illusory power of false fire, in the safety of your home. They look great on any table top and […]

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