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The Butterfly 3D Brazier Flame Lamp is adorned with beautiful butterfly patterns carved into the lampshade. The wings of these butterflies protrude outwards from the lamp to give the impression that many delicate butterflies have landed on the lamp, attracted by the warm flickering glow within.

These Brazier Flame Lamps really come to life when placed in a corner or by a wall as the silhouettes of butterflies dance and flutter across the walls.

We offer free shipping on any spare bulbs or spare silk flames purchased with this product.

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Silk Flame Lamp – Butterfly 3D Brazier

The Brazier Flame lamps make excellent table lamps and corner lamps. The flickering Silk Flame inside, is housed in a round metal brazier, with a three hundred and sixty degree pattern etched into it. So whichever angle you look at it from, you get a great visual effect as the light shines through the gaps in the lampshade. They provide a, no hassle, realistic fire effect which can be controlled at the flick of a switch, to bring life and warmth into your living room.

These Brazier Flame Lamps really shine when you place them in a corner, or near a wall, as the shadows of the laser cut patterns dance accross the wall, creating a mesmerising effect and an amazing atmosphere.

New Silent Fan – Barely a whisper

Please see the rest of our Silk Flame Lamp range for more examples of these beautiful variations.


How It Works

The Silk Flame Lamp Unit

This standalone unit is the heart of all of our Flame Lamps. It can be purchased separately here, if you just want the flame-making element on its own (e.g. to bring to life an unused fireplace), or it can be purchased complete, housed in one of our expertly crafted lampshades as part of our extensive Silk Flame Lamps range.

The magic of the Silk Flame Lamp Unit comes from the combination of the following key elements:

The Fan

The fan acts to both cool the bulb and to provide a constantly fluctuating flow of air. This allows the Silk Flame to stand up and forces it to eternally flicker and dance, catching the light in an ever changing fire-like display.

We are now fitting a virtually silent fan, which is barely audible at all. The new quiet fan means it won’t disturb your cosy evening, as it flickers away silently, warming your hearts with light.

The Bulb

The Silk Flame Lamp Unit and all the models in which it is used, come fitted with a specially designed multi coloured lens, which is deep flame red in the centre, blending into amber and yellow at wider angles. This gives a variation in colour shade to the flame, as it flickers in and out of the different colours of light from the bulb, rather than having a single, flat colour. The effect produced, imitates a real fire surprisingly efficiently.

The Silk Flame

Two sheets of yellow silk, cut into the shape of a flame are attached to the bulb, one on each side. This gives an all-round visual effect. As the air from the fan blows past, the light flowing silk material flutters easily in the wind. As it dances, it catches different shades of colour from the specially designed bulb. This provides an ever changing, multi coloured realistic  fire-like display.

It is difficult to replicate the organic, ever-changing, multi coloured effect of fire, but we feel that we have done so surprisingly well. These really do have to be seen to be believed.



Flame Lamp Variations

Asiatic Flame Lamps

A superb, rustic collection of warm Silk Flame Lamps, housed in shades of bamboo, rattan, twine and other natural fibres. These are our most popular range and you can see why. They bring a stunning earthy, natural warm atmosphere to any space.

Brazier Flame Lamps

These Lamps are housed in a round metal shade, with carefully designed acid-etched patterns carved into them, to allow ornate glimpses of the fiery world inside and to cast an intricate dancing pattern of light on surrounding walls.

Fireplace Flame Lamps

Perfect for bringing an old, unused fireplace to life. The flat front imitates a traditional fireplace appeal, with superb patterns acid etched into the face, to allow the fire to shine through and bring a touch of character. The round back catches the light from the single flame and spreads it out, to fill the whole width of the fireplace lamp. This really does give the impression of a full and toasty fire.

Flame Lamp Accessories

Need any spare parts? Thinking of adding a spare bulb to your order as a backup? We stock spare silk flames and spare bulbs to replace any which have worn out by your loving use of the lamps. This is also where we provide the stand-alone Silk Flame Unit to use in your own setting.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 25 x 30 cm
Additional LEDs



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