Curve Solar Motion Light


The Curve Solar Motion Light is designed to guide you to your door after dark using only the power of the sun. After dark the Curve emits a constant gentle glow until motion is detected where the full force of the Curve’s 16 natural white LED bulbs illuminate before turning off automatically 30 seconds after motion stops. The Curve’s elegant yet contemporary design makes it suitable for locations old and new and is designed to work reliably through out the year.



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  • Powerful 50 watt equivalent 16 LED bulb solar outdoor light, waterproof and heatproof
  • Activates bright light when motion is detected, 1 bulb remains on at other times after dusk
  • Solar Panel is built into the top of the unit so no cables, easy to fit in minutes.
  • Modern, stylish and simple design. Solar panel life span: up to 10 years – LED Life Span – 50,000 hours

How It Works

During the day the sun charges the Curve’s battery giving it the power it needs to work after dark.

After dark the Curve Solar Motion Light automatically lights up and emits a constant gentle glow which is roughly a fifth of its full brightness. Once motion is detected the Curve illuminates fully and stays fully lit until 30 seconds after motion stops. After motion has stops the Curve goes back to emitting a constant gentle glow until motion is detected again. In the morning the Curve turns off automatically and begins charging ready for the night ahead. Once turned on the Curve is fully automatic, but it can be turned off completely at any time.

In The Box

  • Curve Solar Motion Light
  • Screws x 2
  • Rawl plugs x 2
  • Key Pin x 1


The Curve is among the easiest solar lights to setup because there is no separate solar panel. Installing the Curve takes a matter of minutes simply by using the 2 supplied screws. Please note that the Curve must be installed outside in an unshaded location to work.


  • Height – 76mm
  • Width – 91mm
  • Depth – 130mm

Additional Information

How waterproof is it?

The Curve Solar Motion Light is among the most waterproof solar lights currently available and carries an IP64 waterproof rating. The Curve is designed to withstand all the elements and within reason can be installed in exposed locations.

  • 16 LED bulb solar PIR light
  • Battery: Lithium Ion
  • Light Source: 16 Super Bright LED’s
  • Light Colour: Natural White
  • On/Off Switch

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