Solar Lights

We here at The Wonky Rhombus Shop are friends of the earth and feel that we should not drain its limited resources just to make things look nice when it is dark. However, we are also fans of making things look nice when it is dark.

So out of this contradiction of ideas, we have strived to source a stunning range of functional and ornamental lighting which harnesses the ever-present power of the sun during the day, to provide aesthetic and useful lighting when it is dark. Like capturing the sun in a little bottle and shining it out over your wonderful humble abode when you need it.

The efficient and stylish solar panels, absorb the suns rays to charge rechargeable AA or AAA batteries, which then power the lights at night so you can see where you are going. This means that you can easily replace the batteries if they begin to draw close to the end of their little lives.

Our Solar Lights range from garden lights, such as the Solar Pole Lights or the Solar Fountain, to Security lights, Flood Lights and driveway illuminations, to more decorative lights, like Fairy Lights and multi-coloured Chinese Lanterns. So enjoy browsing our Solar Lights collection. We hope you see something which catches your eye and allows you to do your part for the earth by reducing energy consumption, whilst looking amazing at the same time.

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