Square Brazier Flame Lamps

These Square Brazier Flame lamps make excellent table lamps and corner lamps. The flickering Silk Flame inside, is housed in a specially shaped metal brazier, with two angled steel mirrors which reflect a multitude of reflections from the flame, through the elaborate patterns etched into the front surface. The pattern is also etched into the sides, for a 180 degree viewing angle. So whichever angle you look at it from, you get a great visual effect as the light shines through the gaps in the patterned shade. They provide a, no hassle, realistic fire effect which can be controlled at the flick of a switch, to bring life and warmth into your living room.

These Brazier Flame Lamps work perfectly in any location, but they really shine when you place them in a corner, or near a wall, as the shadows of the precision cut patterns dance across the wall, creating a mesmerising effect and an amazing atmosphere.

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