Flame Lamps

A wide selection of exquisite Flame Lamps, based around the flickering heart of a Silk Flame, which flickers above a specially made, mutli-toned bulb which emanates a warm variety of oranges and yellows to perfectly simulate a fiery glow. We have then placed a small, silent fan below this bulb, to flicker the silk flame and create a surprisingly realistic flame effect as it dances through the multi-toned light from the bulb.

This effective Silk Flame Lamp core, is then housed in a variety of acid etched steel lampshades, or rustic woven lampshades made from rattan and bamboo. Each one has been expertly designed to capture and enhance the light from the fire inside and direct it through the precision cut design, to bring the mesmerising effects of fire, safely into your environment at the flick of a switch.

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