During our research into creative lighting designs and ethnic hand-made crafts, we often come across extremely ingenious ideas which we would like to give links and credit to and introduce to the world. We feel that if anyone has the creativity to come up with and provide a clever or aesthetically pleasing piece of handiwork, that credit should be given.

We hope that by connecting people to sources of original artwork and design, that it will unlock the innate creative talent locked away in all of us and allow people a medium through which they can express their own individuality and creative flair.

We hope you enjoy our somewhat eclectic collection of inspirations and ideas.

Creativity and Inspiration

Unleash Your Creativity – Inspiring your creative genius within, for self expression, fun and healing.

Health and Fitness

Improve Your Body and Mind – Covering all aspects of fitness, including mental and physical, challenges, exercise and diet.

Accessibility – Ideas and Resources for accessibility switch users and those interested in accessible gaming.

Site Directories

Directory World

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