New Product Range – Square Braziers

With another busy Christmas out of the way we find ourselves rolling happily into another year, full of potential and intrigue. So we thought it would be a perfect time to bring you a whole new, freshly designed, range of fantastic Flame Lamps With the Square Braziers, the Flame Lamp is housed inside a sleek […]


Sunny Summer

The Wonky Elves are thoroughly enjoying the glorious sunshine so far this summer and are looking forward to much more to come. Our solar panels are fully charged and we are enjoying our BBQ area illuminated with solar lighting allowing us to enjoy the summer vibe right into the warm muggy evenings that we are […]


Hibernating For The Winter

As you may have noticed, we are now heading into the Festive period. This is a time when the world seems to go a little mad, the streets are packed and accurate delivery times becomes a tricky issue as the Wonky Parcel Elves do their best to deliver wonderful packages to the world and his […]

We Wish You a Wonky Christmas

View Our Christmas List Here As we draw ever nearer to Christmas, the cold sets in and we all begin to retreat indoors to gather around a toasty open fire and a mug of Mulled Wine to warm our cockles as the nights get longer. With more time spent indoors, it becomes ever more important to make our […]

Leaf Corner Brazier Flame Lamp

Brand New Item – Corner Brazier Flame Lamps

Brand New Stock! Finally, just in time for Christmas, our brand new range of Flame Lamps has arrived and we are impressed with what we see. These lamps are a different take on the Fireplace Flame Lamps, with a similarly flat front, but these guys have a couple of little tricks up their sleeves. If […]

Happy Halloween

Creating a Spooky Halloween Atmosphere With Lighting

Creepy Halloween Atmosphere Nothing quite sets the mood for a spooky halloween, than spending a bit of time creating a mysterious and ghastly atmosphere, through the clever use of well placed props, some creepy music and well thought out lighting. Never underestimate the power of turning out the main lights and switching to low level atmospheric lighting […]

Silk Flame Lamp - Butterfly Brazier

Brazier Flame Lamps

If you love lighting and are drawn in by the mesmerising, ever-changing, flickering of fire, then we may just have something quite special for you. Our Brazier Flame Lamps are a great approach to harnessing the illusory power of false fire, in the safety of your home. They look great on any table top and […]

Silk Flame Lamp - Peacock Fireplace 6

Fireplace Flame Lamps

Do you have an empty unused fireplace staring at you from its dark dusty abyss in your living room? Do you just love fire or love the idea of having a fire in your front room, but don’t want the hassle of finding logs, struggling to light coals with bits of scrunched up newspaper, or […]

The Wonky Rhombus Shop

New Website Launched

The new website has finally been launched. Find it here at After a complete visual redesign, the new look has finally been released and gives a much fresher, more natural appeal, which aligns with our ethics. Feel free to have a look around and see what you think. There will be two ranges of […]

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