New Product Range – Square Braziers

With another busy Christmas out of the way we find ourselves rolling happily into another year, full of potential and intrigue. So we thought it would be a perfect time to bring you a whole new, freshly designed, range of fantastic Flame Lamps

With the Square Braziers, the Flame Lamp is housed inside a sleek and compact square shaped fire shade. The angular, reflective panels on the inside allow the light from the flame to be eternally reflected as it bounces around the enclose hall of mirrors, creating an infinity flame effect within. This amplifies the light produced by the lamp, creating quite a mesmerising light show.

Leaf Square BrazierAs the Flame Lamp is a false-flame effect, created by silk flames and our specially designed bulbs, this fantastic fire show is perfectly safe for indoor use, can be tamed at the flick of a switch and is certain to make an extremely notable centrepiece in your humble abode, as it bathes you in atmospheric, organic fire light.

Have a look and see for yourselves, at the
wonderfully Wonky Rhombus shop

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