Hibernating For The Winter

As you may have noticed, we are now heading into the Festive period. This is a time when the world seems to go a little mad, the streets are packed and accurate delivery times becomes a tricky issue as the IMG_1391Wonky Parcel Elves do their best to deliver wonderful packages to the world and his dog. Because of all of this, we are sidestepping the chaos, hanging up our Wonky hats and closing down for the year, to let the festivities blow over and the snow to settle on the other side of the merriment fence.

But fear not, as you are still able to browse our Wonky Shelves in the meantime to see what illuminating treats we hold and we will be back in business again on the 6th of January. Ready for a fresh new year, freshly equipped with some very big plans for new and intriguing treats to bring to the world.

2014 will see the opening of our ethnic Tribal Crafts section where we will be stocking the shelves with ornate and mystical treats from the far corners of the world. The Wonky Team are all very excited about this upcoming opportunity to really expand our stock into quite an interesting direction and provide you with some very fascinating artifacts.

So from the Wonky Team, have a very Merry Christmas, and a Wonky New Year and we shall see you in 2014.

The Wonky Rhombus Shop

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