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As we draw ever nearer to Christmas, the cold sets in and we all begin to retreat indoors to gather around a toasty open fire and a mug of Mulled Wine to warm our cockles as the nights Christmas Giftsget longer. With more time spent indoors, it becomes ever more important to make our inner sanctums as warming and welcoming as possible. Our thoughts turn to Christmas decoration ideas as we dust off our Christmas decorations and untangle last years fairy lights, checking each bulb to find that inevitable blown bulb that is preventing them from dancing out their usual coloured display of Christmas joy, a thought springs to mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to refresh our Christmas display and rather than recycling the same old Christmas decorations we have been using for years, wouldn’t it be great to refresh this years display and buy something new and exciting to shake the dust off the usual Christmas and bring a little bit of fresh life into our homes.

Christmas Fairy Lights

With a multitude of fairy lights in a range of colours, we also supply more ornate creative lighting solutions including Rattan Balls, Chinese lanterns, Hessian Balls and glowing multicoloured orb lights to name a few. Fitted with LED bulbs, they will effectively last forever, so no hunting for that infernal blown light bulb this year. These will look fantastic as Christmas Tree lights, Everbright Solar Chinese Lanterns 2or hung up around the house to add a splash of colour and atmosphere to your home. These lights are solar powered, so you dont need to worry about rising electricity bills from the array of flashing bulbs you are stringing up around the house. You also dont need to worry about placing them near plug sockets or having trailing wires, as they are self contained, with their own solar panel and their own power source. They are also completely waterproof, so this means you can literally put them anywhere. On the roof, around the chimney, wrapped around the trees in your garden. Wherever you can imagine, you can illuminate with these fantastic lights. As well as your more traditional fairy lights, we also bring you something a little bit special…

A Warm Cosy Christmas Atmosphere

Picture the scene, you settle down with the family on Christmas morning to unwrap all of the Christmas Presents, with a cheeky sherry in hand, tucking into a mince pie, all under the warm cozy atmosphere of a toasty glowing fire, keeping you all warm and safe within its soothing atmospheric dancing fiery glow. Now, there is only one problem with this scene and that is if you do not have a fire, which many people in this day and age, unfortunately do not. Stoking a fire also requires collecting logs, constantly tending to it with a red hot poker as you shuffle logs or coals whilst you try not to singe your fingertips and do your best not to smell like a smoked kipper. Silk Flame Lamp - The BirdcageWell, by a little stroke of genius, we are able to bring you the heart of this wonderful atmosphere with none of the hassle, in the form of our fantastic Silk Flame Lamp Range. Based around a specially designed multicoloured halogen bulb, a twin yellow silk flame flickers in and out of the variety of flame coloured tints of light from the bulb, as it dances to the flow  of a virtually silent fan, providing an ever-changing, surprisingly realistic fire effect, which is full of life. Admittedly it doesn’t produce any heat, so you cant exactly roast your chestnuts over it, but this does mean that it is perfectly safe around overly excited children and baffled scatty pets as they dart around trying to avoid being stepped on or wrapped in wrapping paper.

The Silk Flame Lamps are as much ornaments as they are ambient lighting masterpieces, which come in a variety of models, from round braziers which shine fiery light through silhouette-cut steel, to make patterns dance across the walls, Fireplace Flame Lamps to simulate a real fireplace and bring life to that empty hearth, the fantastic, original and earthy Asiatic Flame Lamps, taking inspiration from the far east using natural materials, to our brand new Corner Braziers which are designed, unsurprisingly, so fit perfectly into the corner or a room and shine an ever flickering warm, safe and cosy atmosphere over your family as you play Christmas games and sing your favourite Christmas songs. So as you are considering unique living room ideas this Christmas, spare us a thought.

These Flame Lamps are surprisingly realistic and really do have to be seen to be believed, so we have put together a video below to demonstrate the mesmerising false fire effect generated by the wonderful lights.

A Gift This Christmas

As well as decorating your humble abode, many of our products make perfect Christmas presents for friends, family, for him and for her. For the eco-friendly our vast array of solar powered lights make a perfect gift, or you could even buy them a full solar powered starter kit, to deck out a shed or workspace with off-the-grid lighting and power. For the parents or a loved one, a well chosen Flame Lamp would truly warm their hearts. To brighten up aTwiggy Silk Flame Lamp certain special ladies room, our fairy lights are perfect and you will find many other treats and delights among our wonky shelves. We will also be stocking an eclectic array of tribal and ethnic craft, shipped over from Indonesia very soon, so don’t be a stranger. Our Wonky elves are forever stacking our shelves with new, exciting and very unique delights.

To take the hassle out of hunting for gifts, we have compiled a very convenient list of our products which would make perfect gifts and would also perfectly decorate your home this Christmas, to follow this link below to have a quick scan through our Christmas List and see if there is anything which catches your eye.


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Have a Very Merry Christmas

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