Leaf Corner Brazier Flame Lamp

Brand New Item – Corner Brazier Flame Lamps

Brand New Stock! Finally, just in time for Christmas, our brand new range of Flame Lamps has arrived and we are impressed with what we see. These lamps are a different take on the Fireplace Flame Lamps, with a similarly flat front, but these guys have a couple of little tricks up their sleeves. If you are as mesmerised by fire as we are, then check out our shiny brand new flame lamps and see what you think.


What is a Corner Brazier Flame Lamp?

Silk Flame Lamp - Leaf Corner BrazierOur Corner Brazier Flame Lamps work perfectly on a table, placed anywhere in the room, for a mesmerising glowing flame effect. But these lamps have been especially designed to excel when they are placed in the corner of a room. With two angled mirrors at the back, they slot perfectly into a corner, with the angled mirrors reflecting a multitude of flickering flame reflections. They also then have two sides, which continue the pattern from the front face, to provide 180 degree viewing angles to the flame within. With multiple designs, you can enjoy picking and choosing the best design to suit you. Guaranteed to draw attention and inquisitive questions from guests as they gaze up a marvelous creation they have likely never seen before, as it commands attention, creating a warm flickering atmosphere in the corner of your beloved relaxation space.


Christmas PatternThe light from the Flame Unit within is reflected from the two angled rear mirrors and then flows out of the front and sides in warm fiery glory, passing through the carefully cut and designed holes within the pattern you have chosen, cut into the front and sides of this lamp. Whether that be leaves, a forest, a peacock design or butterflies, the list goes on. These patterns have been carefully designed and expertly cut out from the front fascia in such a way, as to allow enough light to shine through from the flickering flame within, and to create a very atmospheric image from the silhouettes of the remaining sections of the design. This, teaming up with the surprisingly realistic flame effect really does create a very atmospheric lamp.

If you dont believe us, check out our video below. They really do have to be seen to be believed.


Which Designs are Available?

We currently provide the following designs. We apologise that some of the photos are not the best, but we have a photographer booked in for a photoshoot very soon, and will be updating the photos very shortly, so bear with us:

Butterfly Corner Brazier

Inspired by natures finest, with surprising detail we have cut out many delicate butterflies leaving very thin and fine detailing to cast silhouettes of a flock of butterflies, with the flames passing through their wings, making them glow spectacularly.

Silk Flame Lamp - Butterfly Corner Brazier

Butterfly 3D Corner Brazier

A very effective variation of the Butterfly Corner Brazier above. In this model, the butterflies wings have been cut out and are able to be bent out, away from the lampshade, to give three-dimensional detail to the lamp. This gives the impression that many butterflies have been drawn in by the flickering glow and have landed all over your precious lamp. A wonderful effect.

Silk Flame Lamp - Butterfly 3D Corner Brazier


Peacock Corner Brazier

With a splash of creative flair, this very ornate lamp emulates the feathers of a peacock, complete with hanging red jewels which catch the dancing light of the flame and sparkle in a mesmerising dance.

Silk Flame Lamp - Peacock Corner Brazier


Forest Corner Brazier

A natural touch is brought by this lamp, with a forest scene cut into the lampshade, allowing the dancing fire light to shine around the silhouettes of a peaceful forest, perfectly accenting the fire effect.

Silk Flame Lamp - Forest Corner Brazier


Christmas Corner Brazier

Especially for this Christmas we bring you the Christmas Corner Brazier. With a wonderful Christmas scene cut into the lampshade, what better way could you enjoy a merry xmas, opening christmas presents with the family and enjoying a warming glass of sherry than under the warm and cosy flickering glow of a child friendly, safe, false fire effect Flame Lamp, with no need to worry about chopping logs of getting your hands dirty with coal.

Silk Flame Lamp - Christmas Corner Brazier


With this multitude of designs, there should hopefully be something which catches your eye. With ambient lighting in mind, these are very unique and creative lighting mastepieces, which will warm your hearts as we roll into the winter months. We understand that it is impossible to really get a feel for just how effective the false fire flame effect is for these flame lights, so we have put together a video to demonstrate some of the different designs from all angles, to give you a much better idea of what these marvelous lamps
are capable of.



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