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Creating a Spooky Halloween Atmosphere With Lighting

Creepy Halloween Atmosphere

Nothing quite sets the mood for a spooky halloween, than spending a bit of time creating a mysterious and ghastly atmosphere, through the clever use of well placed props, Halloweensome creepy music and well thought out lighting. Never underestimate the power of turning out the main lights and switching to low level atmospheric lighting to really set the mood with some fantastic Halloween party ideas.

Our Flame lamp range simulate the effects of fire but safely, using silk flames, specially designed bulbs and a fan to create a flickering multicoloured fire-like effect which is eerily realistic. The best thing is that they are cool to the touch and completely safe, so you dont need to worry about any fire hazards caused by over-excited children dressed as ghosts and witches charging around the house.


Silk Flame Lamp - The Birdcage

Atmospheric Magic Lighting

As the children fill up on trick or treat sweets and climb into their Halloween costumes, whilst you hollow out the pumpkin, dressed as a witch, and carve a face in it, with thoughts of pumpkin soup in your mind, it is difficult to deny that there is a certain magic in the air around this time of year. With suitable lighting, this magic can be enhanced very easily, to transport the kids into a magical paranormal world, full of witchcraft, black magic, spells, ghosts and skeletons.

Imagine settling down in the cosy warm living room as you play spooky Halloween games and read enchanting ghost stories under the warm and mesmerising flicker of a fiery glow. As the shadows dance in the flickering fire light, the imagination runs wild and the ghosts come out to play, bringing an added realism to fancy dress costumes in the lower light and bringing a full atmosphere of mystery to the evening.


Halloween Decorations

As you search for suitably creepy Halloween decorations, spare a thought for atmospheric lights and check out our Flame Lamp range at The Wonky Rhombus Shop, to see if anything inspires you whilst you build your own creepy Halloween atmosphere. Twiggy Flame LampThese atmospheric lights are great Halloween ideas. We stock Fireplace Flame Lamps for settling into an unused fireplace or placing in a corner, to create a very cosy, yet spooky, atmosphere in the living room.

We also have a wide range of Round Brazier Flame lamps, which sit perfectly on any table as you sit around and share ghost stories in its warm fiery glow. OR better yet, place them in the corner of the room, then sit back in amazement as the patterns dance and flicker across the walls.

Or for a really authentic rustic mood, check out our Asiatic Flame Lamp range, for expertly woven bamboo and rattan masterpieces, which house the flickering flame within. Very spooky and very atmospheric. Just what you would find in a Witches Tavern.


The Wonky Rhombus Shop

Dare to take a walk on the wild side through our eclectic range of intriguing items, from the practical to the just plain stunning, we dare to be different and aim to please those who are as well. With a full Tribal range of Ethnic crafts and instruments to be added to our collection soon, we invite you to come and peruse our wonky shelves.

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