Silk Flame Lamp - Butterfly Brazier

Brazier Flame Lamps

If you love lighting and are drawn in by the mesmerising, ever-changing, flickering of fire, then we may just have something quite special for you. Our Brazier Flame Lamps are a great approach to harnessing the illusory power of false fire, in the safety of your home. They look great on any table top and really come to life when placed in a corner.


What is a Brazier Flame Lamp?

Silk Flame Lamp - Tiger BrazierOur Brazier Flame Lamps are perfect table lamps, being totally self contained and having a complete three hundred and sixty degree pattern cut through the lampshade, they look great from every angle. With multiple designs, it leaves room for creativity as you pick your particular flavour of lamp. These Flame Lamps make a great talking piece as they illuminate your dinner party with the warm ambient glow of fire, while your guests try to peer inside to figure out how you have such a raging fire housed safely inside the lamp.


Tiger PatternThe light from the Flame Unit inside is reflected off the inside of the outer lampshade, to increase the glow inside, whilst the light which does escape, shines out through the gaps of an  expertly carved design of your choice. Whether that be leaves, a forest, a tiger or butterflies, the list goes on. The highly detailed and original laser cut patterns are designed both to partially obscure the inner workings of the Flame Lamp, thus increasing the realism of the illusion, and to provide a characteristic, aesthetic, pattern to your Fireplace.


Our Handy Tip

To let you into a little secret, we have found that if you place the Brazier Lamps near to a light coloured wall, the dancing rays of light shining out through the pattern of the lamp create a mesmerising light show on the wall, casting dancing silhouettes around the room. Now imagine how this silhouette effect would look when the Brazier Flame Lamp is placed in the corner of a room, with two walls to cast shadows across. A fascinating marvel to watch, it brings instant atmosphere to any room and is guaranteed to catch the eye.


Which Designs are Available?

We currently provide the following designs. We apologise that some of the photos are not the best, but we have a photographer booked in for a photoshoot very soon, and will be updating the photos very shortly, so bear with us:

Butterfly Brazier

Taking inspiration from nature, these butterfly patterns allow illuminated butterflies to adorn the Lamp, whilst casting glowing butterfly patterns across the wall

Silk Flame Lamp - Butterfly Brazier

Butterfly 3D Brazier

A variation on the Butterfly theme, these butterflies’ wings stick out from the lamp in three dimensions, giving the impression that many delicate butterflies have landed on the lamp, attracted by the flickering glow within.

Silk Flame Lamp - Butterfly 3D Brazier


Peacock Brazier

Bringing a splash of creative flair, this highly decorative Peacock style Flame Lamp mimics the tail feathers of a peacock. It also comes with optional shining jewels which you can hang in the eyes of the feathers to glisten and sparkle in the flame light.

Silk Flame Lamp - Round Peacock Brazier


Forest Brazier

Welcome a natural forest scene into your living room with this Forest Brazier design. Silhouettes of a forest of trees are carved into the curved lampshade, allow the warm fire light to shine through the trees.

Silk Flame Lamp - Round Forest Brazier


Leaf Brazier

The delicately laser cut and acid-etched leaf skeletons allow the light from the flame to shine through with an earthly appeal.

Silk Flame Lamp - Round Leaf Brazier


Vine Brazier

Wrapped in silhouettes of vines, the flame manages to peek through the gaps and cast a vine ridden scene across the wall.

Silk Flame Lamp - Round Vine Brazier


Tiger Brazier

A stunning tiger face is wrapped around this lamp, creating a dazzling array of tiger stripes over any nearby surface. Feel the power of nature with this bold design.

Silk Flame Lamp - Tiger Brazier


Christmas Brazier

Our Christmas special, depicting a cosy Xmas scene wrapped around the glowing flame. This scene is then projected onto your walls, to watch over you as you open presents with the family or watch your favourite Christmas movie, wrapped up in the warm.

Silk Flame Lamp - Christmas Brazier


So whichever design suits your taste, feel free to investigate these wonderful specimens of ambient lighting or perhaps peruse some of our other creative lighting solutions. We understand that it is difficult to fully appreciate how effective the false flame effect is, they really have to be seen to be believed, so here is a short video which gives you a glimpse of this amazing fire like effect.

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