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Fireplace Flame Lamps

Do you have an empty unused fireplace staring at you from its dark dusty abyss in your living room? Do you just love fire or love the idea of having a fire in your front room, but don’t want the hassle of finding logs, struggling to light coals with bits of scrunched up newspaper, or dealing with smoke and that smoked kipper smell? Well our Fireplace Flame Lamp range is perfect for providing a surprisingly realistic fire effect with no hassle. Imagine commanding a raging fire at the flick of a switch.

What is great, is that these Flame Lamps are not limited solely to the  fireplace hearth. They look great as table lamps or corner lamps too and provide a brilliant talking piece. Just tell me how many people you know who own one of these unique creative lighting masterpieces.


What is a Fireplace Flame Lamp?

Silk Flame Lamp - Peacock Fireplace 5Our Fireplace Flame Lamps are designed to fit perfectly into any unused fireplace, to emulate having a real fire, but without any of the hassle of chopping wood or handling dirty coal. But they are also perfectly suitable in any location you can think of, so they are not tied down to the fireplace alone. The rear of the Fireplace Flame Lamp is curved, which catches the light from the single Flame Lamp Unit inside and spreads it across the curved reflective surface. This very efficiently gives the illusion of having a full raging fire within, as opposed to a single flickering flame.


Silk Flame Lamp - Peacock Fireplace 16The light from this spread out flame effect then shines through the flat front of the Flame Lamp, dancing in-between the laser cut pattern on the front. The highly detailed and original laser cut patterns are designed both to partially obscure the inner workings of the Flame Lamp, thus increasing the realism of the illusion, and to provide a characteristic, aesthetic, pattern to your Fireplace.


Our Handy Tip

To let you into a little secret, we have found that if you tilt the Fireplace Lamp backwards slightly and place it in front of a light coloured wall, the dancing rays of light shining out from the top of the lamp create a mesmerising light show on the wall. A fascinating marvel to watch, it brings instant atmosphere to any room. Have a look at the photos of our Peacock Fireplace Flame Lamp for a glimpse of this amazing effect.


Which Designs are Available?

We currently provide the following designs. We apologise that some of the photos are not the best, but we have a photographer booked in for a photoshoot very soon, and will be updating the photos very shortly, so bear with us:

Grille Fireplace

Designed to look like a more traditional fireplace, this design comes with a grille cut into the front plate, to allow the flames within to shine through.

Silk Flame Lamp - Grille Fireplace 5


Mesh Fireplace

Also sticking closely to the more traditional fireplace look, this lamp has a mesh pattern cut into the front, to cage in the roaring flames and protect you from the glowing heat held inside.

Silk Flame Lamp - Mesh Fireplace


Peacock Fireplace

Bringing a splash of creative flair, this highly decorative Peacock style Flame Lamp mimics the tail feathers of a peacock. It also comes with optional shining jewels which you can hang in the eyes of the feathers to glisten and sparkle in the flame light.

Silk Flame Lamp - Peacock Fireplace 9


Forest Fireplace

Welcome a natural forest scene into your living room with this Forest Fireplace design. Silhouettes of a forest of trees are carved into the front face, allowing the warm fire light to shine through in-between the trees.

Silk Flame Lamp - Forest Fireplace 2


Leaf Fireplace

The delicately laser cut and acid-etched leaf skeletons allow the light from the flame to shine through with an earthly appeal.

Silk Flame Lamp - Leaf Fireplace


Vine Fireplace

Similar to the Forest Fireplace, but with silhouettes of vines which allow glimpses of the warm and cosy flames to sneak through the gaps.

Silk Flame Lamp - Vine Fireplace 2


So whichever design suits your taste, feel free to investigate these wonderful specimens of ambient lighting or perhaps peruse some of our other creative lighting solutions. We understand that it is difficult to fully appreciate how effective the false flame effect is, they really have to be seen to be believed, so here is a short video which gives you a glimpse of this amazing fire like effect.

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