Archive | September, 2013

Silk Flame Lamp - Butterfly Brazier

Brazier Flame Lamps

If you love lighting and are drawn in by the mesmerising, ever-changing, flickering of fire, then we may just have something quite special for you. Our Brazier Flame Lamps are a great approach to harnessing the illusory power of false fire, in the safety of your home. They look great on any table top and […]

Silk Flame Lamp - Peacock Fireplace 6

Fireplace Flame Lamps

Do you have an empty unused fireplace staring at you from its dark dusty abyss in your living room? Do you just love fire or love the idea of having a fire in your front room, but don’t want the hassle of finding logs, struggling to light coals with bits of scrunched up newspaper, or […]

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